What is comfort food?

The best comfort food option.

You had a few drinks last night and you're feeling a little fragile and tired. You want something to make you feel better, but what? This blog explores comfort food and what that actually means to us. 

Whether it be a warm bowl of soup, some macaroni and cheese or delicious chocolate chip cookies, one thing is for sure: comfort food has an amazing ability to make us feel better.

On the other hand, some people think that comfort food is simply a guilty & therefore unhealthy meal go to. Well that does not have to always be the case. Comfort foods can be more than just guilty pleasures; they help us to connect with our family and friends by sharing easy meals together, creating memories along the way - like being hungover with your bestie on the couch after a night out. 

The definition of comfort food is varied. Google has all of them and team adash has our take:

"Comfort food is any food that "comforts" a person emotionally, either by recalling memories of being nurtured and cared for or connecting them to the past. Or in other words; food that usually has a nostalgic or sentimental appeal."

But comfort food does not have to mean unhealthy food. Comfort food can be nutritional, and there are plenty of recipes on adash under the 'Quick & Easy' tab that would satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary preferences. 

That full feeling
Depending on your choice, you will often get a feeling of being full and satisfied after eating, even though you may not have necessarily got the nourishment you need. When comfort food has this effect on us, we are usually consuming carbohydrates such as breads or pasta that contain serotonin to boost our feelings of happiness (albeit for a short period of time). 

Let us know in the comments
What is the quintessential comfort food for you? Let us know in the comments and we will see if we can get a creator to turn it into a recipe on adash.

If you are looking for some easy recipes on to create your own comfort food, simply head to the 'Quick & Easy' section of the app with hundred to choose from and cook along to at home!

We'll continue to publish hundreds of new recipes from experienced chefs and creators so keep an eye out for them. 

See you in the kitchen.