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Efficient Summer Cooking

DIY Tips: How to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

As the seasons' change, so does the food that we want to eat. The weather is getting warmer, which typically means lighter meals, more time spent outdoors, and a significant shift in cooking habits. The best way to make your kitchen more efficient during the summer months is by making it work for you. The changes in ingredients will force you to adjust recipes accordingly and make it easier to enjoy what the new season has in store for you and the entire family. Some things to note as the season warms up are:

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The best comfort food option.

What is comfort food?

You had a few drinks last night and you're feeling a little fragile and tired. You want something to make you feel better, but what? This blog explores comfort food and what that actually means to us. 

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A history of Greek Cuisine and its most popular dishes.

Did you know that the first cookbook was written in 330 BC by Greek food gourmet, Archestratos?
This first cookbook was the genesis that inspired generations of cooks and food creators to document their recipes and others to follow them from their kitchen and the rest is history. 

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